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2015-12해외 주요국의 상장 공기업 연구허경선
2015-1215-17 재정사업 사전검증체계 강화를 위한 연구- RCT 도입방안을 중심으로오영민; 박노욱; 강희우
2015-1215-14 건강위해행동이 보건의료 재정에 미치는 영향이은경; 최성은
2015-1215-04 FTA의 효율적 이행을 위한 관세제도 정비방향정재호; 신상화
2015-1215-19 재정관리제도 운영 환경 분석과 개선방안박노욱; 원종학; 오영민; 강희우
2015-1215-18 재정성과관리제도 운영의성과 분석과 정책과제박노욱; 오영민; 원종학
2015-1215-14 Study on Normalization of Korea's Taxation Housing Rental IncomeYounghoon Ro
2015-1215-05 Harmonizing the Emission Trading System and Environmental TaxesSung Hoon Kang; Donggyu Yi; Jongmin Yoo
2015-1215-04 Construction of the DSGE Model to Analyze the Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policy: Understanding and Using the GIMF ModelMyung-Ho Park; Jonghyeon Oh
2015-1215-01 The Volatility of Tax Revenues and Taxes as Automatic Stabilizers over Business CyclesHag-Soo Kim
2015-1215-08 Tax Treaties and Foreign Direct Investment: A Network ApproachSunghoon Hong
2015-1215-24 Research on Listed State-Owned Enterprises in Major Foreign CountriesKyoungsun Heo
2015-1215-22 Comprehensive Study on the Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG)Jeong Seong Ho
2015-1215-21 Analysis on the effects of conversion from monopoly to commpetitive systems: a focus on functional reorganization of inspection and verification institutionsSejeong Ha
2015-1215-20 State-Owned Enterprises' Debt and Moral Hazard: Implicit Government Guarantee and Estimated Amount of BenefitsHan-soo Choi
2015-1215-19 Assessing the operational environments of public financial management system in KoreaNowook Park
2015-1215-18 Assessing Performance-informed Budgeting System in KoreaNowook Park
2015-1215-17 Research for Reinforcing Financial Project Advance Verification SystemOh; Youngmin
2015-1215-05 Local Autonomy and Local Tax PolicyAhn Jong-seok
2015-1215-04 Reformation of the Tariff System for Effective Implementation of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)Jaeho Cheung