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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-1213-02 Future Developments for Value-Added Tax Policy in KoreaSunghoon Hong; Myung Jae Sung
2013-1213-03 Income Shifting Between Personal and Corporate Income Tax BasesByung Mok Jeon
2013-1213-05 Utilizations of Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duty Investigations in the FTA EraJaeho Cheung; Jaemin Lee
2013-1213-06 Acquisition Tax Reduction for the Vitalization of Housing Transactions and Its Effect on Local Tax RevenuesYounghoon Ro
2014-1214-1 Hosuing Market Changes in Aging Korea and Implications for Tax PolicyRo; Younghoon
2014-1214-10 Study for Improving the Duty Drawback System in Korea amid the Multiplication of FTAsJae-Ho Cheung; Sung-Hoon Kang
2014-1214-11 Economic Growth and Fiscal PolicySeung-Hyun Hong; Deock-Hyun Ryu; Sung-Joo Yoon; Byung-Mok Jeon
2014-1214-12 Evaluating Fiscal Policy Responses after the Great Recession A Comparison of Different Fiscal Stance MeasuresSeung-Hyun Hong
2014-1214-13 Government Credit PolicySo Yeong Lim
2014-1214-16 Regional Development and Fiscal PolicyHyun-A Kim
2014-1214-19 Empircal Analysis of Job Security and Wage Stability at public InstitutonsJong-Suk Han
2014-1214-2 Changes in Income Distribution and Policy ImplicationsPark; Myung-Ho; Jeon; Byung Mok
2014-1214-3 Tax Policy Directions for Service Sector Growth and Job CreationHag-Soo Kim
2014-1214-5 Analysis of Changes in the Effective Value-Added Tax Burden and Policy ImplicationsPark; Myung-Ho; Cheung; Jaeho
2014-1214-6 Long-term Prospects of Government Spending on Higher EducationAn; Jongseok
2014-1214-7 Energy Taxation and the Coal tax Reform in KoreaSunghoon Hong; Sung Hoon Kang; Kyoungsun Heo
2015-1215-04 Reformation of the Tariff System for Effective Implementation of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)Jaeho Cheung
2015-1215-05 Local Autonomy and Local Tax PolicyAhn Jong-seok
2015-1215-08 Tax Treaties and Foreign Direct Investment: A Network ApproachSunghoon Hong
2015-1215-14 Study on Normalization of Korea's Taxation Housing Rental IncomeYounghoon Ro