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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-1212-10 주요국의 연구개발(RnD) 조세지원 대상 비용 조사손원익; 송은주; 박수진
2013-1213-01 A Study on Government Size and Tax StructureJongseok An; Joonook Choi
2013-1213-02 Future Developments for Value-Added Tax Policy in KoreaSunghoon Hong; Myung Jae Sung
2013-1213-03 Income Shifting Between Personal and Corporate Income Tax BasesByung Mok Jeon
2013-1213-04 A Study on the Reform of Korean Finacial Income Tax SystemBeom-Gyo Hong; Sang-Yeob Lee
2013-1213-05 Utilizations of Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duty Investigations in the FTA EraJaeho Cheung; Jaemin Lee
2013-1213-06 Acquisition Tax Reduction for the Vitalization of Housing Transactions and Its Effect on Local Tax RevenuesYounghoon Ro
2013-1213-07 Fundamental Policy Recommendations for the Governance system of Non-profit OrganizationsWonik Son; Taekyu Park
2013-1213-08 On Improving Budget System Laws for Fiscal SoundnessJohn M. Kim; Seung Hyun Hong
2013-1213-09 Politico-economic Factors of Fiscal Expenditures: Focusing on the Agricultural IndustrySo Yeong Lim; Song soo Lim
2013-1213-10 Promoting Employment Among Older Koreans Healthy Ageing, Work and Fiscal ImpactsEunkyeong Lee
2013-1213-11 Supply Models and Efficiency of Social Services Provided by the GovernmentWonik Son; Sengeun Choi; Taekyu Park; Jin Kim; Hanjoon Lee
2013-1213-12 Astudy on the Effectiveness of Child Care Policy in KoreaHaywon Lee
2013-1213-13 A Study on the Improvement Plan of Long-term Care InsuranceSung-Joo Yoon
2013-1213-14 Local Fiscal Consolidation in KoreaHyun-A Kim; Jiyoung Kim
2013-1213-15 Analysis on Market Participation by Public InstitutionsJin Park; Kyoungsun Heo; Sung Bong Cho
14-1214-01 고령화에 따른 주택시장 변화와 조세정책적 시사점: 베이비붐세대를 중심으로노영훈
2014-1214-02 소득분배 변화와 정책과제: 소득집중도와 소득이동성 분석을 중심으로박명호; 전병목
2014-1214-03 서비스 산업의 성장 및 일자리 창출을 위한 조세정책 방향김학수
2014-1214-04 정책금융 재정지출 효율성 제고방안: 중소·벤처기업 지원을 중심으로이상엽; 이창민