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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-09-01After the baby boom period from late 1950''s till 1970''s, the fertility rte in Korea has shown a drastic downward trend. This demographic change makes it inevitable that over the next 70 years, Korea노영훈
2012-12An Analysis of Government Program's Performance and Its Policy Implications박노욱; 원종학
2018-12Analysis of Korea's Tariff System Under Trade LiberalizationJaeho Cheung; Sunghoon Kang
2017-12Analysis of the Effects of Transitionfrom Categorical Grant to Block GrantKim Hyun-A
1995-05-01Asymmetry in Consumption and Its Implication for Tax Policy김철수
2006-03-01ATP(Aggressive Tax Planning) 사례 및 대응방안안종석
2018-05Basic Studies of Long-term Fiscal Projection for National Health InsuranceEunkyeong Lee; Sok Chul Hong; Jae-Yong Lim; Wankyo Chang
2016-07BEPS 이행관련 국제동향세법연구센터
2016-11BEPS 프로젝트의 이해 주요 내용과 시사점안종석; 이상엽
2001-09-01Changes in Tax Burden of Urban Households in Korea: 1982~1999성명재
1997-07-01The Changing Role of the State in Asia최광
1998-04-01Credit-constrained Enterprises and Incentive Schemes During the Transition to a Market Economy한도숙
1997-09-01Demographic Transition and Social Security: The Case of Korea전영준
1999-10-01Did the Personal Pension Increase Savings in Korea ?전영준
1996-12-01The Distributional Effect of Taxes in Korea: Empirical Evidence by Using 1991 Household Data현진권
2017-12The Distributional Effects of Energy Taxes in KoreaDonggyu Yi; Seung-Rae Kim
2012-12Diversification of Employment Policies: Current Status and Direction of Personnel Manegement in Public Institutions박한준; 라영재; 조윤직
2001-12-01Does Progressive Land Value Tax Induce More Equitable Distribution of Land in Korea?노영훈
1994-04-01EC가맹국의 세법한국조세연구원
2018-12The Effect of Tax Incentive for Dividend Income on Corporate Payout PolicySang-Yeob Lee; Woo-Hyung Hong